For Sale/RTM

Example Specifications list using Project #0219, RTM:

  • Building Permit, Plumbing Permit, Electrical Permit, (Includes USA Inspection Certificates)
  • Builder’s Risk Liability Insurance
  • Blueprints (Working Drawings)

Veranda at front of Home:

  • Cedartone included in this RTM Package
  • Cedartone Post
  • Cedartone Spindles and handrail

Floor Framing:

  • NJ10 Nascor Joist(s) 16″ OC
  • 2×2 Cross Bridging
  • 5/8 T&G OSB, Floor Sheathing (Glued & Screwed)
  • 1 1/2″ Styrofoam around outside box sill
  • Sub Floor Underlay – Linoleum areas 1/4″ Pro Board

Exterior and Interior Wall Framing:

  • 2×6 #1 & 2 Const. KD Spruce Studs, 16″ OC
  • 2×10 #1& 2 Spruce Headers over Window & Door Opening
  • 3/8″ Aspenite OSB Exterior Wall Sheathing
  • 4×8 3/8″ OSB Sheathing on Ceiling for Backing
  • 2×4 #1 & 2 KD Spruce 16″ O/C (Interior Walls-House Only)
  • 2×6 #1 & 2 KD Spruce 16″ O/C (Plumbing Wall(s) – House Only)

Truss Roof Package:

  • Gable Style Roof C/W 5/12 Pitch, 24″ OC, 24″ Overhang and 3.5
  • Comes with Vaulted Open Ceiling in Kitchen, Dining & Living Room Area

Roofing Materials:

  • 4×8 7/16″ Aspenite OSB Exterior Wall Sheathing
  • Standard 20 Year Asphalt Shingles
  • All Valley and Roof Edge Flashing as required
  • Damproofing as required by specific area building codes

Soffits & Fascia

  • Pre-Finished metal, maintenance free vented soffits
  • Pre-Finished metal, maintenance free fascia
  • Pre-Finished metal, maintenance free, continuous eavestroughing & downspouts c/w flip up extensions


  • Triple Pane, come with Aristrocrat Brass Grilles and All Requirements for various building codes in various areas. (ask us for us details)

Exterior Doors:

  • Metal Clad C/W 6 1/2″ Jambs, Steel Insulated, Unless otherwise noted. All Locksets are included in this project and are keyed alike. (Dead Bolts are optional)

Exterior Finish:

  • All Exterior Walls to be covered in Tyvek House Wrap and Joints Tuck Taped
  • All Sides of this specific home will consist of a vinyl siding application Designer
  • Trim application will be installed on front of home

Electrical will include:

  • GFI Ground Fault Breakers in all Bathrooms & Exterior Plugs
  • All Kitchen outlets on separate breakers (as per code)
  • Smoke Detectors (as per code)
  • Decora Plugs & Switches
  • 2 TV Outlets (roughed in pulled to box, only)
  • 2 Telephone Outlets (roughed in pulled to box, only)
  • Includes hanging of all light fixtures
  • Wire Fans (roughed in only)
  • Switch for basement lights
  • Wire for dishwasher
  • 220 V Plugs for Dryer & Range

Plumbing will include:

  • Kitchen – 2 Compartment RDL2031 Sink C/W Taps & Veggie Sprayer
  • Dishwasher Rough in only (does not include actual dishwasher)
  • Main Bath – will consist of Mirolin 1 pc Acrylic Tub & Shower unit C/W pressure balanced taps, Cranada Basin C/W 1 Handle Tap, and Toilet C/W Lined Tank and toilet seat.
  • Ensuite includes: 36″ shower stall, C/W pressure balanced Taps and glass shower door, Basin C/W 1 Handle Tap, Toilet C/W Lined Tank and toilet seat.

Insulation & Vapour Barrier

  • Home Attic is comprised of Blown in R40 Loose Fill Insulation (Inspected to Code)
  • R-20 Exterior Wall Insulation (Bats) (Exterior House Walls only)
  • Vapour Barrier / Poly = True 6 Mil CGSB & Caulking Through out

Interior Woodwork

  • Colonist Interior Doors (Embossed), Red Oak Door Jambs, #356 Casing Red Oak Casings, Baseboards
  • Polished Brass Passage & Privacy Door Knobs and Hinges

& More:

  • Attractive Light Fixture Package
  • Floor Coverings Through Out Home
  • Exquisite White Cabinets with Wood Crown Moulding
  • Lee Rowan Wire Closet Shelving Included
  • Mirrors at sinks in bathrooms and one at front entry

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